Stay Home

Triad: Stay At Home!

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Guilford County Commissioners issued a "stay at home" order on Wednesday afternoon. Anyone who lives in Guilford County must stay in their homes except to leave to provide or receive essential services. The order goes into effect on Friday at 5 p.m. and remains in effect...
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Popcorn Garland

Holiday Garland Your Way

For families, holiday traditions are important. Garland is essential when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree or home. Why not make your garland eco-friendly for the holidays?
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Christmas Lights

Get the right Christmas lights!

This holiday season, think about the environment for years to come by getting some LED Christmas lights!
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Gospel Artist Karen Peck talks with Dave Compton

Dave Compton talks with leading Southern Gospel artist Karen Peck of Karen Peck and New River. Take a listen.
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Dave Compton Celebrates 41 years at WPET!

On January 11th, 1978, yours truly (Dave Compton) was hired at WPET Radio in Greensboro, N.C. Much water under the bridge since then, but my memory is still very vivid of that day, and the early days, as I was just getting started on my long journey. So how did all of this happen? In January of...
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Never-aired interview with Lee Kinard

Lee Kinard, long time broadcast pioneer at WFMY TV, and father of The Good Morning Show on Channel 2 passed away Saturday, October 20th. Our very own Dave Compton did an audio interview with Lee in 2016 that has never been on the air. It has sat in our archives for over two years, but now you can...
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Download the Radio.com App

Get the new Radio.com app on your phone and stream WPET from just about anywhere! Click here to download the app or stream WPET from your browser
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Tornado Relief

Salvation Army is taking donations by credit card for our local Tornado Victims. Call 336-235-0346 – Mention that it’s for disaster relief. All donations used locally! An emergency shelter for tornado victims has opened at the Glenwood Center, 2010 Coliseum Boulevard in Greensboro. It’s open to...
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WPET Birthday Email Club

We'd love to be able to send you a special email birthday wish on your big day. Just fill the form out below.
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Get The New WPET App

What's so cool about our new app? For one, it's FREE! You can stream WPET for free from Just about anywhere. Our new app also has some pretty awesome features. Discover & Download right from the app Like or Dislike using the app Wake up with WPET using the alarm clock feature Great southern...
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